An open letter to juniors

Dear Juniors,

Your senior year is right around the corner, make it count. Remember, your high school friends matter more than anything, you’ll be with them for the rest of your life. Plan to go to the same college! There is no downside to this, plus, it will make your roommate search easier.

The same applies to your boyfriend or girlfriend because most high school relationships last through marriage.

Aside from college applications, you don’t really have to try in school. Most people expect senioritis to hit in the second semester, but you feel it on the first day. All motivation gets lost, and your procrastination levels will be higher than ever. You worked hard from freshman to junior year, so you deserve to take a year off.

Brandon Belgrad

Take the extra time in the day not studying to explore the school. It’s your final year here at Central, so get to know every square foot of the building. Just tell your teacher you’re going to the bathroom, and you’ll be left with at least 20 minutes to explore.

By the time second semester comes, you’ll finally be hit with the fact that you are leaving. The peak of your life is almost over, and you only have a mere five months left at school. All seven semesters have led up to this point, and it’s your last chance to make an impression at the school.

What you should look most forward to is the post-prom detention. Skipping the Monday after prom is a must if you’re a senior, and after ditching you’ll be left with three-hour detention. Stuck in a sweaty basement room; it offers good opportunity to reflect on the good choices made over prom weekend.

After prom weekend, school is basically over with. There is nothing else to look forward to. Your high school days are over, and you’ll be finally moving on with your life.