Dear those who dine out on Superbowl day



With many excited to watch the Superbowl, don’t forget that COVID-19 is still posing a danger to gatherings.

Dear those who dine out on the Superbowl day:

I know how passionate Americans are about the Super Bowl, and I have never missed the event. Super Bowl has become an American tradition- with the noise of joyful sounds and jingles of clapping. However, my friends, please know that Covid-19 has spread. The fatal disease has taken hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. My heart sinks after hearing about 500 thousand people’s loss. We have to celebrate the occasion with care to protect ourselves as the pandemic has escalated rapidly. The Super Bowl is an essential tradition of the American nation.

This year, the Super Bowl day falls on Feb. 7. Public health is the essential priority because COVID-19  is still on the rise. America can never miss the famous tradition that represents its culture. However, in the critical Covid-19 situation, the authorities have reduced the number of entry tickets and specifically arranged 7500 health workers to control the pandemic situation. We as fans should incorporate the official by staying home.

My aunt works at a clinic in downtown Chicago. On average, she’s assigned about 30 patients that are associated with COVID-19 symptoms daily. With such intensive tasks and infectious viruses, her time with family is taken away. These health workers are risking their lives due to the surge of cases. It would be very considerate if you can take precautions eating out while continuing the tradition.

The COVID situation cannot stop the nation from celebrating the event, but you have to take essential preventive measures to protect. There’s nothing wrong with participating in healthy and entertaining activities. I like cheering and eating with the fans too. However, I’d implore you to wear a mask after you finish eating. After all, life is essential as well. If the people do not follow the recommended SOPs(Standard Operating Procedure), we will ride the number even higher.

We know that the Super Bowl is an essential event for Americans because it has accompanied us for almost half a century. Moreover, it emphasizes cultural values. It is not only a game but also a blend of the American spirit. We feel inspired and wait anxiously for the event. However, the current Covid-19 situation is dangerous, and the spectators have to focus on taking careful action while dining or eating. Let us think about saving us from COVID-19 because it has taken millions of lives around the world. Wearing masks can protect us from fatal diseases. Moreover, we can use hand sanitizers to reduce the risk of viruses. The most important care is to keep social distance. Thank you for reading. I hope we all stay safe!