Dear Bad Drivers



Sam Balice, contributor, reflects on what bad drivers need to change and be aware of.

Dear bad drivers,

Get off the damn roads. None of us want you here and you are putting us all in danger. Who even gave you your driver’s license? If you even have one that is. Many of us like to leave our house and occupy ourselves with an activity, whether it’s to play a sport, go shopping, or go to the gym. We need to drive to those places. After a long day, the last thing we want to happen is to run into a bad driver on the road. It makes the rest of our day a whole lot worse. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m at a 4-way intersection and a car doesn’t use its turning signal while they’re turning. Or whenever a car in front of me is changing lanes on the highway and doesn’t use its signals. Are you trying to cause an accident? Because if so you’re doing a great job!

One thing I do have to say: we all start from somewhere. We were all 16 and young when we first learned how to drive. But some of us didn’t learn as quickly as others. With all due respect, if you are young and still learning how to drive, please stay away from busy roads. I understand that you need more experience but is it worth risking other people’s lives with yours included?

What surprises me the most while I’m on the road is when I see old people driving awfully. Considering they have had the most experience driving. I also think it’s amusing seeing old people driving like turtles. While it is definitely safer than driving recklessly on the roads, it is the WORST getting stuck behind one of them.

While I may be very much against bad drivers, I may fall into that category occasionally. This happens either if I’m going to be late to my hockey practice, or on my way to pick up food when I am craving some chick-fil-A. I usually go by one rule while I’m driving: the exact speed I am driving is the speed everyone else should be driving at. Any slower, or faster, I will be bothered and look at you with a disgusted face.

I would hope that most people agree with me that bad drivers are a serious problem on the streets every day. And if you’re offended by this, I hate to say it but you’re probably not the best driver. You are part of the problem.