Students participate in unique clubs


Every other week, Alina Kloss, senior, tries new vegan and vegetarian food options. Kloss is vice president of Vegetarian Club whose members participate in different vegetarian-related activities.

While clubs such as Key Club, Habitat for Humanity, and Let’s Help Out are well-known, big clubs with lots of members, there are other clubs that aren’t nearly as well-known that differ by having unique goals and participate in distinctive activities.  Such clubs include the Vegetarian Club and the newly formed Indian Students Association.

Vegetarian Club was founded to be a place for vegetarians to discuss their lifestyle. “Our mission statement is to inform people more about the options of a vegetarian lifestyle and also to raise awareness about animal rights and environmental protection,” Kloss said.

Members in Vegetarian Club can try new vegetarian and vegan snacks at meetings. Some of the activities that the club is hoping to participate in include making posters with the benefits of vegetarianism, having a bake sale with vegan deserts and meeting with the food service company about having more vegetarian options in the cafeteria.

On the other hand, The Indian Students Association was founded to spread Indian culture. It raises money for charities that support the Indian subcontinent. Its ultimate goal is to provide a more comprehensive outlook on a country that is a world political and economic power.

“The fact that the HC ISA can embrace the culture of the Indian subcontinent and at the same time donate to countries that are not as acknowledged with fundraising at Hinsdale Central is what this school is all about. That is what we hope to achieve through this club,” said Sagar Sharma, junior and president of Indian Students Association.

Some of the fundraisers that Indian Students Association is looking to do includes a henna tattoo fundraiser and a lassi, or Indian smoothie, fundraiser. During club meetings, members discuss current Indian issues and eat Indian cuisine. The club is also looking to help with the Ethnic Fair.

Although these clubs are targeted at a specific student population, both want to involve all students and are open to all. All students can participate in these clubs and get the opportunity to try new and different things.