Tech Support Internship course offered for the 2017-2018 school year


Nick Seda

With the new Tech Support Internship, the Chromebooks will be the center of attention during the 2017-2018 school year.

Tech Support Internship is a new course that will be offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors in 2017. It is still an idea that is being developed, but has been put in place to help students with tech issues and allow for anyone interested in computer science to expand their horizons.

Tech Support Internship will train students to troubleshoot hardware, software, and network problems. The class will be supported by a business teacher, who will teach the students the skills they need in order to put them at their highest potential.

“The idea started by understanding the need for a technical support as Hinsdale District 86 moves towards a 1:1 computing environment. The focus of the course is to have students helping students as issues arise through our transition to a more digital world,” said Mr. John Madden, Business and Tech. Ed. Department Chair.

Since every student gets their own Chromebook next year, the Tech Internship class will be able to handle any problems that arise with the tablets.

“Students will be working on the first line of defense. So if any student has an issue with their chromebook they will be able to fix it. Whether they drop it, break it, or forgot to charge it. The students who take the course will be required to give an in-service to incoming freshmen, teaching them what a good digital citizen looks like,” Mr. Madden said.

Not only that, but students who want to pursue any digital based profession in the future will have the opportunity to figure out the right fit for them.

“It is an opportunity for students to explore some technical careers. We have to keep in mind that it is a class that is teaching students to learn customer service skills. When they don’t have a ‘client’ to work with per se, they will hopefully be working on some career path exploration,” said Mr. William Walsh, principal.

The course is open to almost anyone, and there is no prior experience needed in order to enroll.

“The only prerequisite to be a part of the class is one has to be a sophomore. The first year that they take it, it’s taken at a regular level. Any subsequent years can be taken as an honors level course,” Mr. Madden said.

Staff hope the course will be a success and that it will have a positive influence on the student body.

“A student help desk would be beneficial in many ways. It would serve as a place for students to get more support that they might not have been able to receive in the past,” Mr. Walsh said. 

In a couple of months, it will be time for students to begin choosing classes with the option to enroll in Tech Support Internship.

“I would definitely consider taking TSI. It seems like a great way to learn more about technology,” said Michael Horton, sophomore.