Meet Nordstrom’s newest ambassador


Michaela Malec

Gabrielle Sullivan, sophomore, is pursuing her dream of a career in fashion by taking the next steps into the professional world through the Nordstrom Ambassador Program.

Gabrielle Sullivan, sophomore, walks down the hallways, dressed in ripped jeans, a fitted blue and white striped shirt, and finished with a casual windbreaker on top. She walks with confidence, her hair loose around her shoulders as usual.

Adrianna Minella

For many high schoolers, figuring out a career path for the future can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to gain experience in different career fields and find one’s calling, but for Sullivan, this has been no problem.

After a thorough application process, Sullivan just recently was accepted to become a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador beginning in August. Landing the internship has helped Sullivan fulfill a lifelong dream of pursuing a career in the fashion industry.

“Since I was little I’ve always loved fashion,” Sullivan said. “For a while I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer, but now I know I want to go into more of the corporate world of fashion and work on the international business side of fashion. I really just want to keep fashion included in my life.”

Sullivan attributes her love of fashion to her mother, who got her interested in the field when she was younger.

“My mom would always draw pictures for me to color that she would design, so I grew up from a really young age loving fashion,” Sullivan said.

As a Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador, Sullivan will be working with a group of fellow high schoolers from around the country. They meet monthly on the weekends at various store locations to discuss how Nordstrom can improve their stores.

“We help to meet with their buyers and give feedback on what we would like to see at the store,” Sullivan said. “We also plan their prom party which is a viewing of all the prom dresses and we just learn a lot about the corporate side and the marketing side of the business.”

When she’s not interning at Nordstrom, one of Sullivan’s favorite hobbies is working on her fashion blog.

“My fashion instagram… [is] something I’m really passionate about and I really like doing it as an extracurricular,” Sullivan said.

She describes her current go-to outfit as anything Brandy Melville, her favorite brand, because she says everything is “just so cute and comfy”. Her other favorite brand is Free People, a store known for trendy staple pieces and also wild, over-the-top statement pieces.

Adrianna Minella

Sullivan and her friends often dress up together and take pictures in Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills. They swap clothes and put together new looks and model for each other.

“I know Gabrielle from high school tennis, and I have known her for two years now,” said Shalini Sahgal, junior. “I did know about her love for fashion through her social media accounts and her telling me. She always talks about her love of clothes and shopping. It’s something she’s really passionate about.”

Adrianna Minella

Apart from fashion, Sullivan is also involved in the varsity tennis team. As for the rest of high school, Sullivan wants to continue working with Nordstrom and growing her fashion Instagram @styledbygms. On this account she posts outfits of the day, items she loves from different brands, and other fashion tips. She hope to continue to expand this platform and create her image.

“I would love to work at a big company like Vogue or something and deal with their international business brands, and help with their corporate fashion goals,” Sullivan said. “I also really want to continue being a part of the Nordstrom Ambassador program, and learn a lot about what I want to do in my career because I think it will be really useful later in life.”