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McGrory and Wahl discuss finals rumors

Recently, Central has been overwhelmed with a number of questions and rumors regarding the new air conditioning to be installed over the summer. 

Although the idea of comfortable temperatures in the fall and spring is inticing, many students have been focused on several other effects that air conditioning may have.  One common rumor is that first semester finals will be held before winter break next year since the air conditioning will allow the school year to begin sooner.

Superintendent Nicholas Wahl has tried to explain the real scenario in order to settle the students’ curiosity.  “Adding air conditioning at both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South affords us the opportunity to discuss adjusting the school calendar to allow for finals and first semester to end before Winter Break,” Dr. Wahl said.

But the idea is far from definite.  “It has been brought up as a point of discussion.  The topic was talked about at the board level.  So that’s where it’s at,” said Mr. Michael McGrory, principal.  Mr. McGrory agreed that this topic is only in the discussion stage.

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In order to decide whether or not to make these changes to the school calendar, the administration has been weighing out benefits and disadvantages for each option.  “We believe there is instructional value in having finals before winter break as well as social-emotional benefits to our students as they can relax over winter break after finals,” Wahl said.

Mr. McGrory also agreed that the schedule change would reduce the stress surrounding finals.  “It would really be nice for students to have a true break,” McGrory said.

Although Dr. Wahl and Mr. McGrory both emphasized that no decision has been reached, Mr. McGrory explained that the air conditioning would be beneficial in other ways.  “I think there are a lot of other benefits to air conditioning besides finals possibly before break.  We think that it will have a big impact on the quality of our testing.  Fifty percent of our school is air conditioned.  But a lot of our students don’t even have that much,” McGrory said.

As for when an agreement will be made, nothing is certain.  “There is no timeline on that.   There haven’t been any committees formed since it’s still in the discussion stage,” McGrory said.

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