Maintaining an identity


Sandra Mathew, junior

1. Have you ever swapped classes?

“We’ve pulled it off twice.  We’re going for a third this year, maybe.”

2. Who is the troublemaker of the family?

“That’s easy because that would be me. I get around doing just about anything I don’t want to do.”

3. Who ends up babysitting younger siblings?

“Sonya does all of that. Like I said, I somehow get around doing stuff like that.”

4.Who always gets asked to clean the room?

“Usually both of us, but I guess I usually supervise.”

5. What do you fight about?

“We’re twins. Just knowing we have to share everything is a conflict.”

Sonya Mathew, junior

1.Does your sister think she is better than you?

“It depends. For instance, Sandra is a better drawer than me, but I’m a better painter.”

2.Who is the troublemaker of the family?

“My other sister, Ashley, is the troublemaker.”

3.What’s it like being a twin at Hinsdale Central?

“Different, I guess. I’m pretty sure most of the school thinks we are the same person.  It’s kind of funny to look up to see peoples faces and reactions when they realize we are twins.”

4. Does your sister get more clothes than you?

“We share a wardrobe so no worries there.  It has its ups and downs, but for the most part I do like it.”