Apple’s new groundbreaking Macbook Pro


Aerial shot of the new Apple laptop that has a special touch

Apple recently came out with the new Macbook Pro that is catching the attention of many. The computer is currently being sold in stores and includes many features that make it different from the last.  

“The last Macbook was half a pound heavier, making the current one 3 pounds. The trackpad on the new computer is bigger in size and it also has a longer battery life,” said an Apple specialist at Oakbrook. “The quality of the pictures on the screen are much better, which consists of more vibrant colors.”

Looking at prices, there is a slight increase when buying the new model. The 13-inch is being sold at $1,499 and the 15-inch at $2,399. The glass touch bar built into the keyboard explains its increased price for starting models.

“The touch bar gives you accessibility to edit and scroll through pictures at a fast rate. It also allows you to answer calls and send emojis through it,” said the specialist.  

The video displaying the new model is attracting many students and allowing them to see what benefits come with it.

“It is very simple with an intricate apple detail. The touch bar allows for so much versatility when working on small projects,” said Aviana Macon, junior.

This advanced piece of technology allows customers to explore, connect with others, and work productively.

“The new macbook is efficient and has a very clean look that appeals to any age,” said Munaj Alikhan, sophomore.

This product can be beneficial depending on the daily use, but fits for everybody. The modern Macbook Pro is only a brief look into what Apple has in store for the future.