Testing Center makes changes


Masah Mourad

Now that the testing center isn’t open after school, students can only make up tests in the morning.

Recently, the testing center made a change to the test-taking policy. From now on students can only take tests in the center from 7 a.m to 3 p.m. between Tuesday and Friday. The testing center will also not be open on Mondays during any hours because of late starts.

This new policy is different for students now because prior to the change, the center was open after school and it was open on Mondays.

Students that are absent have two days to make up any of their tests or quizzes that they missed, so the testing center helps students take care of that problem before or during school.

This change was a result of one of the two testing center administrators leaving their position. 

“Times were adjusted because one of the positions was eliminated. The person couldn’t take the position so I had to step in,” said Kim Estoque, testing center monitor. 

Masah Mourad
Pictured: the testing center, room 161

The limited access time makes it harder for students to find a time to test during the day since there are no testing times after school, and students are limited to making up their work in two days only.

“I feel like most kids aren’t able to take tests in the morning and the fact that they took [afternoon testing options] away stinks because whoever has tests will stress,” said Heidi Cerecedo, junior. “Sometimes there are morning activities and it’ll cause them to not be able to take it.”

Students believe there should be a solution to this change because it makes them stress over when they’ll be able to make up their tests.

“I don’t think it’s fair for the students who are unavailable to take it before school because they don’t have a ride or because they have to take the bus. I don’t like it,” said Enaya Khan, senior.