Men’s fashion: Spring edition

Liam Jones

Wearing: The red polo and khaki shorts

As mother nature shifts from winter to spring, so does our fashion sense. The red polo represents the natural beauty of spring’s blooming flowers, spurred by the downfall of rain. These falling droplets prove to be dreary and bland – symbolized in my tan khakis. My temporary cast represents winter’s slipping grasp on the day, trying to keep it colder, just a little bit longer.

Cole Meyer

Wearing: The bowtie and cut-off shorts

If fashion had a smell, it would resemble that of freshly cut-off corduroy shorts. If swagger were a scent, it would be reminiscent of burned rollerblade plastic on sun-soaked pavement. If intrigue were olfactory, it would burn with the passion of thousands of regular ties, but only one clip-on bowtie. Together, the ensemble contains the fierce qualities of a volcano. This fashion phenomenon can only be described in a single word: sensational, passionate and mature.

Daniel Holland

Wearing: The raincoat and rain boots

Springtime is often regarded as a period of joy, renewal, and eternal hope.  The yellow poncho properly symbolizes the perpetual eternal victory of hope over fear, pitting the greatest of enemies against one another in intense spiritual warfare.  These “hip” Burberry rain boots exude a sense of childlike sophistication hidden deep within each and every single one of us, just waiting to be discovered and nurtured.  Finally, the multi-colored polka dots represent the fire, posing as an unrelenting innocence just within arm’s reach, but never fully obtainable. This seductive and passionate conglomeration is all that is positive in the world; it’s springtime folks.