Men’s Fashion: Homecoming


Liam Jones

Various Central Homecoming goers pose to show the hottest styles for fall dances.

Bowtie: This classic fashion trend has been making a comeback recently, and this homecoming it became the most popular alternative for those looking to exit their comfort zone of normal ties. Fortunately, bowties are classy and they go with practically any shirt, and so we saw a wide array of bowtie patterns and colors.

White Suits and Black Shoes : This style was seen, for obvious reasons, only in the men’s homecoming court. They pulled it off quite well. The black shoes were a great choice that juxtaposed well with the suits. It gave off quite the James Bond esque vibe, and we’re fans. Following classes need to continue this newfound tradition.

Skinny Tie: This voluptuous spectacle made waves throughout the ocean that is the homecoming dance. Not too big, and not too small, this “Skinny Tie” is in.

Pinstripes Suites: These stripes are much more than a fashion statement, they are a way of life. These seemingly insignificant lines create a visual pattern on the suit that wows pairs of eyes within eyesight. Even though it might be a risk, we can safely say that if definitely paid off this homecoming.

Multicolored T-Shirts: Going away from the normal white/black, these vividly colored shirts stand for something else. They make a bold statement, a statement of power. No one wearing something colored would ever be messed with, and as soon as they walk in they earn the overarching respect of the crowd.

Corsages: While you might not consider this a fashion trend, this small item plays a large role in the vibe of your attire. If you’re lucky enough to have a girl almost stab you with the sharp corsage, be sure to attach it to the left side of your suit. Bright colored corsages seem to be in recently and perfectly compliment the eccentric shirts and ties we saw.

Tie on the head (optional at the dance): These hooligans redefined the way that ties were not supposed to be worn. No more were they the cumbersome knots that hang around the kneck of a dress shirt. They turned into accessories of self expression, being tied around the head as the dancing began. While they certainly looked goofy, one could definitely say that this move is always a success, not only in revolutionary style, but comfort as well.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the men at homecoming made some emphatic statements with their homecoming attire. Check back for more by mens’ fashion.