Some fashionable math: florals+stripes=unexpected perfection

Mixing patterns is something seen in magazines, but what fashionably sane person would actually do it? I’m all for the occasional intentional mismatch, although matching is preferred, but the idea of chevron and polka dots together make me want to puke (not really, but you get the point).

Not so with florals and stripes – when done right. It is an unlikely, but cute, combination. I love it because it doesn’t clash, but is fun and tasteful. The trick is usually for one of them to not be a super loud pattern – if both are, it does clash. For someone afraid of trying this out, I suggest finding a common color. For example, a pink/purple/orange floral skirt could be paired with a pink or purple or orange striped top.

Anyone still doubtful can look to inspiration seen around Central or in fashion.