Girl’s volleyball team looks to build off new talent

The Hinsdale Central Girls Volleyball season is officially underway, and the players aim to make this season a memorable one.

So far, the girls season has gone better than their record alone can prove. With a record of 5-8, the girls have kept the games competitive and also improved as the season has continued. Improving as the year goes on is one of the most critical factors for the team this year.

With girls of numerous ages and grades playing together for the first time on the team this year, the team has had to work on their chemistry. Dina Haveric, senior, said that the one of the teams’ goals is to “mesh as a team.”

Each year, the two most highlighted games for the volleyball team are the LT game and the Volley For the Cure game. According to Haveric, this year will be different since their coach went to LT, adding incentive for the rival game.

While the LT game and Volley for the Cure game are the most attended matchups, Kate Gallo, senior, thinks fans should try and come to other matches.

“If I were a fan, I would watch our playoff games,” Gallo said.

According to Gallo, the playoff games are more intense than regular season. 

Fans should expect great play from Jasmine Mrozek, who changed positions over the off-season and is playing well. Similarly, Gallo is coming off an ankle injury and ready to play.

“[Gallo] adds a lot of energy for our team,” Haveric said. “We will need that energy in close matches.”