Athleisure and how to relax


courtesy of Flickr

Athleisure, a trend of wearing traditional workout clothes for everyday use, is one way to stay comfortable during class.

Activewear is a comfortable and stylish option for many occasions: whether it’s working out, lounging, running errands, or school.

In recent years, students have been incorporating activewear into their everyday styles. Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and C9 Champion are all great options to sport the trend of athleisure.

“Nike makes really good quality clothes that are comfy and cute,” said Serena Martinath, junior.

The most popular type of athleisure at school is undoubtedly leggings. Leggings are perfect for staying comfortable throughout the long school day. Popular brands include Lululemon, Zella, and VSX.

Workout tops are also very common among the student body. The most common style at school is the Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long and Short Sleeve Crews. These tops are very comfortable for school and breathable for working out.

Some athletic wear brands, like Adidas, carry lines of clothing specifically for the purpose of style as opposed to working out. For example, their latest line of Originals clothing was designed in collaboration with Rita Ora and does not call for going to the gym. 

Not only is athleisure a comfortable option to endure the school day, it also creates a put together look that is increasingly popular among students.