Dear Buildings and Grounds Crew


Talia Sankari

Abelino Escobedo ensures all garbage containers never overfill; he is one of the many custodians that make Central a sanitary and welcoming place.


I want to start this letter out by thanking you for all you do in this school. Unlike a lot of students, I have gotten to know one of the members of the Buildings and Grounds Department here at Central. For the Habitat for Humanity 5k, I had to be here at 5:45 a.m. on a chilly Sunday. Fortunately, a man from the Buildings and Grounds Department was also there to help us out with the setup for the race.

We drove around in his truck, running supplies back and forth to various locations on campus. The man was very genuine and sincere and I learned very quickly how much character he had to have in order to be able to dedicate himself to come that early in the morning. He was willing to help us out with every little thing that we needed to do, even though he had no attachment to Habitat for Humanity. I was very fortunate to have this experience because I had passed this man many times in the hall but I never had more than a five second thought about him.

Although I am not behind the scenes of this department and I only have a glimpse of what these men and women do every day, I know that they are doing hard work. With more than 2,000 students at Central, problems are guaranteed to occur, and we need people who will fix what is needed and tweak this and that. These individuals do all this without question and without hesitation because they are dedicated to make Central the best it can be.

You guys are the unsung heroes of Central. With all the outdated facilities here at Central, you still find time to come around to nearly every classroom when, inevitably, the heating or air conditioning system breaks down. You still find time to fix those weak hand dryers, even though in reality every single one of them just needs to be replaced. Central is not the prettiest building around, but with you guys working hard it does the necessary job to create a good learning environment for us students.

Every day walking through the halls, I saw these men and women and they deserve more thought and appreciation for all that they do. Without hesitation, they will help an anxious freshman who is freaking out that their locker is stuck. Without hesitation, they will report to every classroom that has an issue that needs to be addressed. And without hesitation, we students at Central should thank them for all these things.