Show your spirit with “Dancing in the Moonlight” dress days


Michaela Malec

A poster of all the dress days this week can be found near the pool doors.

The winter dance, commonly known as Turnabout, is going to be held on Saturday, Feb. 3. The theme is “Dancing in the Moonlight”, and the dance has been popularized with the hashtag “#WeAreGoing”. In order to get people excited for the dance, Varsity Club has set up fun dress days to get the school hyped for the week.

On Monday, Jan. 29, the dress day is “Sleeping Under The Stars”, or PJ Day. Although it is possible to show up to school in sweatpants and hoodie to go with the theme, it could be fun to wear any PJs with stars on them. I recommend Star Pajamas from ASOS. They are soft, go with the theme, and super flattering on the body.

Michaela Malec
With Monday being Pajama Day, students kicked off the week comfortably. Lily Podracky, junior, wore pajama pants and a robe, and completed her outfit with slippers.

On Tuesday, the dress day is “Shoot for the Stars”, or college t-shirt day. The easiest way to rock this day is a cute and casual pair of leggings, sneakers, and any college t-shirt you have. If you need one in a pinch and don’t have time to go online to get one, then go to Campus Colors. Located in Hinsdale, they sell college t-shirts, blankets, hoodies, trash cans, and nearly anything else you can think of. They are reasonably priced too, which is a big plus.

On Wednesday, the theme is “Space Weather”, or  sweater day. The nice thing about this day is that it is open to interpretation, and you can wear anything you want. Also, since it is freezing outside, you wear sweaters to school every day anyway. My favorite places to get cute sweaters are Lulu’, Forever21, and Topshop.

On Thursday, the dress day is “Pitch Black”, or blackout day. The easiest way to rock this day is to wear black leggings or jeans and any black sweater you have. Then, the last thing you have to do is add a pair of black sneakers or boots and you’re good to go.

For the last day, Friday, the theme is “Shine Bright”, and all you have to do is wear red and white. This is the easiest; any cute pair of jeans with any item of HCHS spirit-wear works for this. Throw on some sneakers, and you’ll look like you’re full of school spirit.

“I love the spirit dress days because they give you a chance to have school spirit, and they get you hyped for the dance,” said Genny O’Bryon, sophomore.

No matter what you wear to the dance or for these dress days, just have confidence in yourself because that is what fashion is all about.