Simple ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into your outfit

Adding a pop of red to your outfit through sneakers or jewelry can enhance you look for Valentines Day.

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Adding a pop of red to your outfit through sneakers or jewelry can enhance you look for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it can be easy to want to do anything you can to get in the spirit. However, if you are not in the mood to turn your whole life into red and pink, here are four simple ways to make your life a little rosier.


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Adding a tiny heart to your ear can cause a lot of change.

Wearing  fun and cute earrings has been a trend for the past few years, and it is one of my favorite ways to change up an outfit. For Valentine’s Day, you can add an accent earring to a simple outfit or wearing something with pattern or brighter colors and an earring for support. For a statement earring, I recommend looking at Lulu’s (something like the Catrine Fuchsia Beaded Hoop Earring, because it incorporates vibrant pink and red, as well as dark purple). With that, you can wear a light pink sweater with a soft blush and matching lip shade. For something more simple to complement a statement makeup or sweater look, I recommend something little such as the Cubic Zirconia Heart Stud Earrings from Forever 21.  


Courtesy of Vans
Simply changing the color of your shoes can add such a different vibe to your outfit.

Changing up your shoes with color, pattern, or fabric can be a unique way to add a change of element to your outfit. For Valentine’s Day this year, you can add just a simple pop of red or pink to your shoes to get into the spirit. The most practical shoe change for school looks would be to invest in a pink or red sneaker. My favorites are the Pink High Top Converse or the Red Canvas Old Skool Vans. These colorful additions can be worn with plain outfits such as all black or all white in order to make them an accent, or they can be worn with complementing colors such as other warm reds and pinks.  


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Changing the color of your scrunchie this Valentine’s Day will add a little pop of color.

Being a new trend, scrunchies have been everyone’s favorite outfit detail. Picking out a scrunchie in the morning that matches your outfit perfectly is the cherry on top of getting ready. Simply adding any pink, red, or purple scrunchie to your outfit adds a pop of festivity and love to your outfit. If you don’t already have these colored scrunchies, I recommend investing in some good quality ones, such as the velvet scrunchies from Urban Outfitters, in order to have them to use for later.


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Adding soft pinks to your makeup look can make it look a lot more Valentine’s Day-y.

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to cake your face with makeup that you normally wouldn’t want to wear. In the spirit of embracing and loving your favorite looks, going natural on the makeup might be your move this year. And one of the ways to make your makeup look pop a little is to add a cute little blush. Whether your skin tone looks best with a MAC dark red blush or a Benefit lighter pink, adding a little rosiness to your skin will perfectly complement this red day.

“To add a bit of festive flare to my outfits, I like to experiment with fun socks and on Valentine’s Day; I wear pink ones with red hearts,” said Julia Barnes, freshman.

No matter what you wear or how you spend this Valentine’s Day, always have confidence in yourself because that is what fashion is all about.