Dear school bus driver,

Dear school bus driver,

Hey, it’s nice to see you again. Thank you for the rides… I guess. May I talk to my friends this time around? Yesterday, I was having a civil conversation about the weather with the person next to me until you stopped the bus and gave us this whole spiel about how we’re being too loud or whatever. Okay, I understand that you have to concentrate to drive the bus and all, but don’t you think it’s unfair to stop the bus to quiet us down? We’ve been sitting in the same few classrooms almost every day for our entire lives, yet you think it’s acceptable to beat down our excitement towards going home to see our families?  I hope you do realize that the longer it takes for us to get home, the longer it takes for you to get wherever it is you need to be after work. 

Oddly enough, even when the interior of the bus is quiet as a mouse, your driving is downright disgusting. Every time you take a turn, you take part of the curb with you. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the school bus takes up a ton of room on the road and is more difficult to drive, but given that you take the same exact route everyday and that you (hopefully) are properly trained for the operation of such a vehicle, you should be capable of driving like a sane human being. I’ve had my license for a year and a half while you’ve had yours for longer than I’ve been alive, yet you drive like a legless drunk.  I hope you enjoy putting 70 lives at risk every morning and afternoon.

Another thing I find strange is your inability to use your eyes. Every time I look up, I can see your eyes looking back at me and towards the very back of the bus, but then I look to my right and see a student using their Juul on the bus. They’re about fifteen years old and turning the entire vehicle into a mobile smoke shop, yet you’re still not reacting. I can see your eyes looking in the direction of all of the vapor, but for some reason, you’re not seeing any of it. Now, one of two things must be true: one, you’re blind and you’re driving a school bus, and every turn and press of the accelerator are just completely random and we are moments away from death every second of the journey, or two, you’re a hypocrite for saying there are rules on the bus when clearly it’s a free-for-all where not even the law applies. If people can Juul on your school bus, then I guess we can start a fight club or start throwing things at cars outside of the windows!  

Please, get your mind together and figure out how to run the damn bus. You’re terrible at what you do and I’m not even sure how you got this job.


Klaidas Buinickas