Freshen up your wardrobe for the spring season


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Spring is here, and you know what that means . . . time to update your wardrobe!

Sunday, March 20 marks the start of spring. Flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping, and the air is gradually warming. It’s time for your wardrobe to bloom too! Keep reading for a guide to the latest spring fashion trends.

1. Longer jean shorts

Long jean shorts are a great item to wear this spring. They provide the perfect amount of coverage and are so easy to pair with any top. (Courtesy of

While short shorts were once all the rave, longer jean shorts are coming back in style this spring! Lighter washed jean shorts are a staple item to have in your spring wardrobe, they match anything and can easily be styled with a bright top or sweater. The longer short is also convenient for spring because it will keep more of your leg warm than if you were to wear shorter shorts. I recommended investing in a pair of Levi shorts. Although Levis can be pricey, they’re worth it because of their excellent quality.

2. Chunky rings

Chunky rings are a unique and colorful accessory to sport this spring (Courtesy of

Chunky rings are such a unique trend featured this spring. They come in all different shapes and colors, and can be made at home with clay! Personally, I love how different each ring is and the inventive shapes utilized. However, if you would prefer not to make your own, the rings featured above can be found on Etsy for $17 per ring.

“I love chunky rings when paired with colorful nails, as seen on Emma Chamberlain,” said Faith Drescher, senior. “However, on myself I prefer more dainty jewelry such as pearls.”

3. Milkmaid dresses

Milkmaid dresses are easy to throw on while providing elegance and class. (Courtesy of 

Not sure what to wear? Throw on a dress! Milkmaid dresses are so dainty and are easy to throw on for any day! Personally, I love the fit and flare style of milkmaid dresses. I also like the puffy sleeves which provide a bit of added warmth on cooler spring days. Milkmaid dresses come in many colors and can easily be accessorized with some gold jewelry, a wedge sandal, and a straw, structured bag. You can find different style milkmaid dresses from Target and Missguided.

4. Pilot sunglasses

Pilot sunglasses are a bold accessory to wear this spring. (Courtesy of @Kaiagerber on Instagram)

Chunky, pilot sunglasses are a statement accessory piece for this spring, and for years to come. They are the perfect item to tie an outfit together and add a street style vibe. I recommended looking at Youtuber Emma Chamberlain or model Kaia Gerber’s Instagram to see how they style these glasses. Pilot sunglasses similar to those pictured above can be found on the Zara website for $50 and come in a range of colors.

“In 2021, elevate your rectangle sunglasses with a bright-colored, acetate frame,” said Adrienne Faurot, freelance editor for Who What Wear. “From a smoky red to olive green, these colors are an instant uplift.”

5. Colorful jeans

Colorful pants add a fun pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit. (Courtesy of

Colorful jeans are my favorite trend of the season. I love the pop of color and how the focus of the outfit is on the pants, rather than the top. You can find a wide selection of colorful jeans from Zara. For example, they sell the same green jeans featured above in pink and yellow. I tried to find a pair for myself, but they sell out fast, so keep an eye out for restocks!

“I love the colorful pants trend,” said Olivia Costello, sophomore. “They really make outfits pop and add a sense of excitement to a plain, but cute outfit. I would style them with either a white or black shirt, depending on the color of the pants.”

As the pleasant weather rolls in, feel free to treat yourself to a few new wardrobe staples. However, don’t blindly buy an item just because it’s trending. Think about what items you actually like and will wear at least 20 times. It’s fun to go shopping, but it’s also important to be sustainable and limit your fast fashion purchases.

Which trend did you wear this spring?

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