Things to do on a staycation during spring break


Amanda McLaughlin

Spring break is right around the corner, taking place from March 25-April 3. For students spending their break at home, there’s plenty to do to stay entertained.


Even without a beach or world-class sights, there is plenty to do in your home town. Here is a compilation of activities that you can do during your spring break staycation to pass the time. 

Try new restaurants

Whether you live in Hinsdale, Westmont, Clarendon Hills, or Oak Brook, there are a plethora of restaurants new and old for you to try. Perhaps you could try Wasabi in downtown Clarendon Hills or Las Palmas in Westmont. 

If you’re like me and love coffee, I urge you to go to a coffee shop over this break and enjoy some delicious coffee and a pastry. There is a new Columbian coffee shop in Oak Brook called CFS Coffee that I highly recommend. 

With no homework over the break, it is the perfect time for binging a new TV series. (Amanda McLaughlin)

Binge a TV show

With plenty of time over the course of the break, you should definitely spend some of it by starting a new show. Refer to this list for any recommendations you may need. 

“Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite show of all time, I love the suspense of it,” said Krisitina Sherpitis, senior.

Bake or cook a new recipe

I recommend you scour Pinterest for new recipes during this time as well. I always enjoy making classic chocolate chip cookies or a new pasta recipe. 

“When I’m really bored I’ll sometimes make dinner for my family, usually I make shrimp and rice,” said Urte Likataviciute, senior.

Reading is a great and beneficial way to pass the time. (Amanda McLaughlin)


Whether or not you’re usually a big reader, you can always start. Here are some books that peers suggested. Even if you’re stuck in your room, a book with a vacation plot line will transport you into the tropics. 

Emily Henry has some of the best romance vacation books with reads such as People We Meet On Vacation, Beach Read, and Book Lovers.

Treat yourself to a day of self care

While others are relaxing on the beach, you can take other approaches to relaxation. Maybe go to get your nails done or go to a masseuse. We don’t always have time for ourselves, so spring break is the perfect time. 

“I got into painting my nails from watching Simply Nailogical, she inspired me to get a dip kit and try new colors,” said Laura Misiunas, senior. 

Hope you gained some ideas of what to do over the break when you’re bored and everyone has a happy spring break.