Rixton rises in popularity


Haley Planson

Julia Guglielmo, senior, poses under the song titles from Rixton’s debut album, Let the Road.


The band Rixton, most known for their hit single “Me and My Broken Heart,” is yet another British boy band. When people bring up British boy bands, my first thought goes to One Direction, embarrassing I know. However, with Rixton’s unique and soothing sounds, I have a feeling that will change quickly. The band’s first hit “Me and My Broken Heart” has a very “pop” sound. But, when I began listening to their debut album, Let The Road, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the first track, also called “Let The Road,” begin in accapella.

The rest of the songs have the similar feeling of One Direction voices, but with Ed Sheeran lyrics. These songs that mostly sing of love are great to listen to on a relaxing evening. Rixton is a diverse band that many girls with grow accustomed to listening to, not to mention they are easy on the eyes. The members include Jake Roche, vocals, Charley Bagnall, lead guitar, Danny Wilkin, bass and keyboards, Lewi Morgan, drums.  All have their own distinct charm and talent.

This band is definitely on the rise as another contributor to the “British invasion”. Their popularity will hopefully skyrocket in the near future.