Sheppard shouts “Geronimo” as it bounces into the charts

Another Australian artist is topping the charts. However, unlike most of the artists from down under, the six-piece ensemble Sheppard stands out from the crowd. Not only is half the band related, they’re incredibly musically and vocally talented.

The band released their debut album Bombs Away late July last year, quickly rising to the top of the Australian charts, until they finally broke the American market earlier this year. Their most famous single, “Geronimo,” played constantly over the radio the past few weeks.

Since Sheppard hails from Australia, it’s easy to compare them to other artists like Five Seconds of Summer or even Iggy Azalea. However, their debut album distinguishes them from the crowd. Their acclaimed first single kicks it off, showing off their creative and positive flow. It’s catchy and super addicting to listen to. Anything with a chorus effect instantly becomes a favorite in my book.

The band isn’t all about upbeat pop tunes though, their songs “Something’s Missing,” “Let Me Down Easy,” and “Lingering” bring a deeper meaning to their already impressive variety on the album. With just the right mix of lovesick lyrics and airy guitar solos, they could easily make any casual listener an instant fan.

However, if you somehow don’t find yourself enjoying the more lighthearted songs, don’t count the band out yet. With the songs “Halfway to Hell” and “Find Someone,” Sheppard captures the rocky and edginess that a band like Imagine Dragons thrives on.

This isn’t just another short-lived pop sensation, with a little more advertising I thoroughly believe this band could be the next big thing. The six-piece writes songs from almost every genre imaginable to create this masterpiece of an album.

 Click below to listen to “Geronimo” by Sheppard.