Lollapalooza Preview


Courtesy of Aneil Lutchman

Last year, Lollapalooza added a fourth day of music to celebrate their 25th anniversary. After receiving such a positive response from fans, the festival will be four days long again this year.

The city is alive. Empty water bottles on the ground as far as the eye can see and poor decisions everywhere. That time of the year is approaching us once again, ladies and gents: Lolla season. 

As the popular music festival quickly approaches, and people are desperately attempting to buy tickets, it’s a good time to look at the line up for this all-star cast of performers, new and old.

This year’s lineup is especially nostalgic for people who grew up with bands like Blink-182 or Muse, who have performed multiple times at the festival but never in recent memory. 

“I’m really excited to see some of the bands I grew up with. They really shaped my music taste, and it will be great to finally see them perform live,” said Mantas Sirmulis, senior.

Even with this star-studded lineup, for some, there is still much to be desired with the lacking electronic scene. In comparison to the past years’ lineups, this year seems very tame. Last year big names like Major Lazer were featured, and the year before featured Alesso and Bassnectar. However, people are still finding something to be excited about regarding the electronic scene in DJ Snake.

Additionally, there is a lack of huge older names performing at Lolla this year. Last year saw Jane’s Addiction coming back to perform for the first time in years, and the year before Metallica had a headlining spot on the lineup. 

“[The lineup] is not as good as last year’s, but I still think it will be good,” said Brian McCarty, senior.

People are especially excited to see a Chicago native come back to Lollapalooza: Chance the Rapper. He is returning after taking a two-year hiatus from the music festival, due to his massive spike in popularity over the last two years.

“He’s kind of a hometown hero. I’m super pumped to see him come back,” said Nicky Armonda, sophomore.

This year, Lollapalooza will run from Aug. 3 to Aug. 6 in it’s classic location of Grant Park. For a full interactive list of the 2017 lineup, visit the festival website.