Taylor Swift releases “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)”


Rachel Brugge

Taylor Swift released “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition)” on May 26.

Taylor Swift released a deluxe version of her “Midnights” album on May 26 at 12 a.m. 

“Midnights” (The Til Dawn Edition) will include all the tracks from the first two editions along with two new versions of original songs with collaborations, “Karma (Feat. Ice Spice)” and “Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey).” 

Along with these collaborations, “Hits Different,” a new Swift song, only previously available on the Target CD edition of “Midnights,” was also released in this version. 

There are mixed opinions among fans about the Ice Spice feature on “Karma.” 

“I don’t think the Ice Spice collaboration adds anything to the song,” said Haley Cashman, senior. “I prefer the original because it almost takes away from the regular verses and chorus to do something that’s not better or worthwhile.” 

Some fans really liked the new and updated rendition of “Karma.”

There are two collaborations in this version, Ice Spice and Lana Del Rey. (Rachel Brugge)

“I think the Ice Spice feature added new life to ‘Karma,’” said Elizabeth Zock, junior. 

Nevertheless, the most anticipated collaboration on the new edition was Lana Del Rey. 

“I like that Taylor listened to her fans and added more Lana Del Rey on the song because everyone was so upset that she didn’t get more vocal time on the original,” Cashman said. 

This new version of “Snow On The Beach” is almost angelic in a sense. 

“The best collaboration on the album was definitely Lana Del Rey on ‘Snow On the Beach,’” Zock said, “The song fit her perfectly and Taylor and Lana’s voices fit so perfectly together.” 

“Hits Different” was also extremely anticipated because of its limited availability on Target’s CD edition of “Midnights.”

“I love ‘Hits Different,’” Zock said, “It’s an interesting mix of her writing style from ‘1989’ and ‘Folklore.’”

Overall, Swift’s newest edition of her album is being received really well. 

“Releasing new music while being on tour is impressive,” said Ethan Hallberg, senior. “Taylor knows how to keep her fans interested.” 

To listen to Taylor Swift’s Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition), click here