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Making a statement

Even though high school students have not been directly affected by the recession, fashion trends like jewelry have. What does that mean? Cheap, expensive-looking statement jewelry is in with all the fun colors, textures, and styles.

But whether you’re sporting a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, keep in mind that you’re making a statement, not an over-statement. Jewelry is meant to enhance your outfit and your style, not take over it. So while bigger is better, don’t go too big or too crazy because you might scare people off.

Nothing but Necklace

The statement necklace can be funky, elegant, sophisticated or all three at once. This is because it’s a combination of fun texture, color and creative asymmetrical designs. This season, hard metallic styles are in style—you can go to a hardware store and find all the materials to make your jewelry.

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But if that’s not really your style, have no fear because being glitzy and girly is a trend as well. Take for instance, Rachel Collins, senior, and her necklace. The elegant sea green tone is set off by the funky design and gold chain, dressing up her look to be anything but ordinary.

Cuffs, Bracelets, and Bangles…oh my!

Big and over-sized bracelets are a must-have accessory now. Wearing a bold, thick cuff is a great way to make a seemingly sweet outfit instantly edgy. Whether a rustic gold or an assortment of jewels, a cuff is definitely an eye-catching item to have.

What’s smaller than a cuff, but can make just as big of a statement? Bracelets! A cool woven pattern or chain can take any outfit to the next level. Just be careful when you want to wear multiple bracelets at once—if you combine too many different styles or materials, you may come off looking tacky.

But the exception to that are bangles. While they aren’t as popular, they’re still very trendy right now. Put a cool twist on these tiny bracelets to get some head turns! Vary the styles, sizes, and designs. But make sure that they all have some similarity, either a reoccurring pattern or color. Also, don’t wear five or six identical bracelets. You definitely won’t make a statement that way.

Rockin’ Earrings

Earrings are never out of date and, this season, the bigger the better! Earrings will enhance the features of your face. Large, long, and over-sized—that’s the way the trends are looking this season.

Take a look at Dani Anthony, senior. Not your traditional chandelier earrings, but the plated look gives her simple peplum top and jeans a very rustic and artsy feeling.

My favorite style, as far as earrings go, are the feathers. You can choose between a variety of colors and lengths, so that you can dress up any plain outfit with a little flare.

Also, many accessory collections coming out this winter feature a strong vintage feel with a hodgepodge of metal chains, rhinestones, ribbon, leather, beads, rubber, glass, and lace. So take advantage of all the new styles coming out and make Central a fashion forward place. Remember: whatever jewelry you decide to wear, bigger is definitely better this season.

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