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Formal dress advice: from Oscars to prom

There was an unfortunate trend that caught my eye at the 2013 Oscars this year, and I want to stop anyone out there from copying our so-called fashion “role models” for prom or any other formal event. Just because they’re famous, doesn’t mean they always know what to wear! And let me tell you, there were some fatal mistakes made on Sunday night.

This year it seems as though the stars got together and decided that oddly cut, strapless dresses with some sort of A-line flare at the bottom are in. My three worst dressed of the night were definitely Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Garner. I mean, what were they thinking?

To start off, Witherspoon’s navy blue Louis Vuitton gathered awkwardly at the bottom and had a horrible bodice outline on top. She did look amazing, as far as hair and makeup was concerned, but making her dress that busy and bulky not only threw her figure out the door, but it also detracted from her face, which ultimately should be the most attractive part of your formal-wear ensemble.

Aniston committed a different crime with the same style dress made by Valentino. Still keeping with the strapless dress theme, she made the error of wearing a dress that looked too plain. While this red dress is a good color for her and compliments her figure nicely, she almost looks tacky, or like she’s at a high school dance! It’s really not that bad, but the Cinderella-story, belle of the ball look is just so outdated and not my taste.

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However, I think the biggest fashion fail of the night definitely goes to Jennifer Garner, who managed to make an already boring and unflattering Gucci dress even more unflattering. I loved the color and her jewelry choice…but what the heck is on her back? She looks like a peacock. And regardless of the back, the dress itself doesn’t do anything for her figure, in fact it completely covers up any and all of her curves, and just when you think you’ve seen it all—bam! She turns around and there’s a whole tulle party on her back. It’s like the mullet of dresses: business in the front, hideous party on the back.

But do not be discouraged, there are ways to wear this dress style right if you like it. It still isn’t my favorite, even when worn correctly, but it can make for a flattering gown on some girls.

Take, for instance, Jennifer Lawrence. It’s still not the most interesting of gowns, and the pattern looks like a couch, but she emphasizes her figure with her mermaid style Dior Couture gown. The flare outwards is questionable, it almost swallows her bottom half, but she still makes the look work reasonably.

Another winner, in my opinion, was Jessica Chastain who wore a gold Armani Prive gown that was simple, yet still somehow interesting. Honestly, she looks like a classy disco ball—and I love it!

But there were several other women on Sunday night that really knocked it out of the park with their dresses; they were eye-catching, show stopping and completely different than from what everyone else was wearing. And that is key: they all work unique dresses.

These lovely ladies were Halle Berry sporting a Versace dress, Amanda Seyfried wearing Alexander McQueen, Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab, Naomi Watts wearing Prive, and Salma Hayek, also in McQueen.

These stars really outdid themselves, going above and beyond in order to stand out at the Oscars. So my best piece of advice for you going into prom and any other formal event is this: make sure you find a dress that makes you look unique and flatters your figure.

It doesn’t matter what the trends are, you’ll steal the limelight if you wear a dress that’s right for you, and not what everyone else is wearing.

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