Deport me to India, Trump!

With the search entry, “How can I deport to Canada?” at an all-time high for Google searches since Donald Trump started his presidential race, many are wondering where they should seek refuge if indeed Trump wins the election. Yes, if he becomes president, I think all the sane people will try to move somewhere that doesn’t make them as insane as the people who support Trump.

I, for one, am Indian. If I were to be deported, I couldn’t go to Mexico or Canada. No, I’d be too near the United States. They’d send me to India because apparently I look like a terrorist. Ever since I had some facial hair on my face at the ripe age of 11, I was pulled over by TSA. Yes, I, a little 11-year-old boy who has no muscle mass posed a serious threat.

Actually, forget what I said before. I think Donald Trump would be a great president! He is going to deport all people of all races to their respective homelands. It’s a great thing. I haven’t been to the motherland in so long. It will allow me to reconnect with my culture, embrace who I truly am according to Trump supporters: a terrorist.

Maybe Trump is what everyone needs. Then again, if he deports people of different races, he’s basically deporting everyone…which is awesome! The soil over here isn’t even fertile anymore. We have to spread out more. America is so old. We should find new lands to conquer and colonize.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, has a plan in mind. He wants to abandon American land to got to some place better. He truly is making America great again.