Seniors become Top Drivers

Second semester seniors have frequently been playing a game of bumper-cars in the senior lot.

Lamis Alnatafgi

Second semester seniors have frequently been playing a game of bumper-cars in the senior lot.

Now that the second semester has started, the second group of seniors gained their spots to the infamous senior lot. Many accidents have been happening lately due to seniors being in a rush to go home or just simply forgetting brake pedals exist when backing out of their parking spot. 

Now if you ask me, I can’t tell you how some seniors managed to pass their driving tests and get their licenses. But is it really that big of a deal if a car gets a dent or a scratch here and there?

The senior parking lot has become a free bumper-car zone where the main goal for seniors is to hit as many cars as humanly possible but to be discreet about it.

Lamis Alnatafgi
When driving in the senior lot, it is best to expect the worst to happen so you avoid accidents.

After being told by some of my friends that their cars got rear-ended and hearing that other students watched multiple hit-and-runs take place, I forcefully make my brother drive me to school every morning, so if something were to happen to my car, my parents blame it on me. 

“I think it’s funny how I got hit on the first day back from second semester,” said Chirathi Jayesinghe, senior. “And hearing how it happened to so many other people, it’s just so ironic it happens so often now.”

When hearing the term “bad driver”, we all have a certain person in mind. After a long day of school, one can say they were too tired to look before pressing the brakes. Stuff like this drives me crazy. (No pun intended). 

“I would say seniors should be more aware as to how they’re parking and whose around them,” said Daniel Mazepa, school resource officer. “I think it’s just bad driving skills, which is more or less a conversation they need to have with a parent or their previous driver’s education teacher.” 

Being new drivers, we don’t care enough to pay attention, and whoever else is on the road doesn’t care enough either. 

“I feel like the main reason crashes are happening is because of how overpacked the senior lot is,” said Edessa Parks, junior. “There are cars everywhere I would suggest for the school to have another parking lot for students.” 

Knowing this, I would steer clear of student drivers and use the brakes more often when needed.

In honor of Valentine’s day approaching, I would like to point out to all senior guys driving, when girls say they want to be hit on, the last thing they mean is by a car. 

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