Things to do before the world ends

We have less than a week before the world ends. And there’s a lot that we want to do before that. So, we accumulated a list of everything we want to do—but it had to be things we could actually do during a school week. That eliminated skydiving.

Here’s what we plan to do before the world ends:

1. Wear a t-shirt that says “free hugs”

2. Compliment a stranger

3. Be loud in the library

4. Go to a coffee shop and pay for the customer in line after us

5. Step on the sidewalk cracks… it doesn’t matter if we break our mothers’ backs if we’re all going to die in a few days anyway

6. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater

7. Thank all people that we know that are/were in the armed forces

8. Make a hot chocolate float (it’s like a root beer float, but with hot chocolate and peppermint ice cream)

9. Do something that scares us

10. Go to Costco and stock up on enough canned food to last a lifetime… in case we survive the end of the world