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Students react to satirical “Hinsdale memes” page


Recently, a Central student started a Facebook page named “Hinsdale memes”, a place for students and fellow Hinsdaleans to post pictures with captions specific to the Hinsdale or Hinsdale Central life.

Students generally enjoy visiting the page and seeing memes about teachers and average Hinsdale happenings, because they make them feel more united as a student body, according to Talia Sankari, freshman.

“I love going on the page and seeing all the memes,” Sankari said. “There are some really funny ones that everyone can relate to, and the page kind of makes you feel closer to everyone at Central in a weird way.”

For some, the page points out Hinsdale truths that went unnoticed before. “I always knew Hinsdale was a wealthy town, but I never knew that the students were aware of how well-off we are,” said Alex Wang, sophomore. “There are a lot of memes that talk about how privileged we are, and it’s good to know that the students know how fortunate they are.”

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However, some students are unhappy with the quality of some of the memes. “Some of the memes are misused, obvious, or not funny,” said Devyn Callen, sophomore. “The page is great, but you can’t just post anything.”

“There are some memes that only say things like ‘Lives in Hinsdale – is rich’ and that’s not funny or witty. Some people really need to step up their game with these memes,” said Nolan Farster, junior.

There are currently about 3,000 “likes” on the page and about 7,000 “likes” on its most popular meme. The student running the page has not revealed himself or herself to the public.

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