Thanks to same name colleges

Same name, different school

Same name, different school

For about a month, I had been reaching out to colleges for tennis recruitment purposes in hopes of getting offers to schools that I’d consider going to. When I was coming home from practice one day, my father greeted me at the door and exclaimed, “Cornell called!”

I could not be happier. I checked online to see if it had been true. Yes, Cornell College in Iowa had called me, and I was so thankful it was not the Ivy League one that most would think of. Fortunately, I have others who can share the experience.

“Yeah I went to Haverford College and I ended up creating Facerbook,” explained now billionaire Marcus Zuckerland.*

Just so you know the colleges that sound like their more competitive counterparts, I’ve provided a list below:

Cornell College-Cornell University

Haverford College-Harvard University

Howard College-Harvard University

Northeastern University-Northwestern University

Samford University-Stanford University

Washington University in Washington-Washington University in Saint Louis

…there are just way too many for me to list.

*For purposes of satirical article, quote is fabricated.