Central Powder Puff teams compete against each other for fight against cancer

Ready, set, hike! While these three words are not uncommon at regular Friday night football games, they are rarely spoken by girls at Central– that is, except for the annual Powder Puff charity football game.

The game is made of two teams; junior girls and senior girls, and is played to benefit breast cancer. While most often the seniors are the favorite, this year’s junior team has a strong lineup and will be putting up a good fight.

“I’ve got hope in my grade that we’ll pull through,” said Claire St. Cyr, junior and center for the team. This year may prove to be vastly different than last year’s senior 26-12 domination.

Coaches for the juniors, Kevin Kiyosaki, Brett Goss, Jack Adams, Chris Miller, Chris Kallas, Brian Owens, and Andrew Pyle have been practicing and coaching the girls through tough drills, and preparing them for the upcoming game.

“They’re going down There is no way we will lose,” said Avery Burridge, junior. The confidence of the juniors will hopefully carry them through the game as they face off the seniors on Thursday Oct. 6, 2011.

“We’re going to use what we practiced to win, and finally beat those seniors,” said St. Cyr.