Pommers dance into the jungle


Lauren Lee

Pommers prepare to perform during the halftime show on Oct. 1.

The Poms team is preparing to perform at halftime during the Homecoming game on Oct. 1. The girls have been practicing nonstop in order to be ready.

“We practice every day, sometimes in the morning and after school. We also have extra practices on the weekends,” said Ms. Katie Maley, the varsity poms coach. Practices are focused on execution of dance moves and skills.

“We run the dance until it is perfect,” said Grace Scheri, junior varsity pommer. “Performing is so much fun and it’s my favorite part.”

But the pommers aren’t the only ones excited about the game on Saturday.

“I love their dances because they bring a lot of energy and everyone gets so pumped up watching them,” said Sara Draddy, sophomore.

In order to support each other the poms team has a special ritual before performing. 

“We do a pep circle and we say positive things we did throughout the dance to boost everyone’s confidence,” Scheri said. With the game at home this weekend a big turnout is expected to cheer on the poms and football teams.