Jean jackets fabricate this fall

Check out the great ensemble Illiana Blasdell, senior, put together. A nice color, and a great take on an old trend.

Trends come and trends go, and this fall, the jean jacket has been resurrected from the dead. Spotted all over the halls of Central, this item of clothing is not something any girl should be left out on. But be warned, with the wrong cut and style you could end up looking like Full House gone wrong. So here are some tips to make sure that your jean jacket fits just right for you:

Cut & Style

There are dozens of styles of jean jackets—classic, blazer, bomber, over-sized—and finding the style that’s right for you could be difficult. If you’re not sure where to start, a jacket with a tapered waist is a good first jean jacket buy. Another way to get this look is to buy a jacket with a belt. For example, check out the great ensemble Illiana Blasdell, senior, put together. A nice color, and a great take on an old trend.

The Wash

There are a lot of ways you can approach the wash of your jean jacket once you’ve picked a style. Acid wash, a personal favorite of mine, is definitely coming back. But, if you’re feeling bold, you can stray away from the standard jean wash of your jacket, and go for a different color. Just check out the picture of Neha Yusuf, senior, sporting the army-green jean jacket, with the awesome ribbon detailing on the back.

My only bit of advice when you’re picking washes to match with outfits: DO NOT wear head-to-toe denim, especially if it’s all the same wash. It looks hideous—you’ll look something like a denim sheet. Choose your outfits wisely. By pairing your jacket with a dress or leggings, you’ll never run the risk of a completely denim look.

The Fabric

Senior Ali McKay’s jacket, a mix of denim and cotton cloth, also demonstrates her excellent sense of how to pick out good denim fabrics. Mixing and matching denim with other fabrics, if done well, is a great way to make your simple jacket much more interesting and warmer.

If you’re looking at just a plain denim jacket, avoid jackets with a stretch or synthetic blend. Honestly, it looks tacky and cheap. Go for the jackets made of 100% cotton with a thick weave; it will make the jacket much more durable.

Fall fashions

Once you get this awesome piece of clothing, how are you supposed to wear it? Here are a few ideas:

  • Wear on top of a bohemian style maxi dress, as Blasdell did.  Be sure, just as she did, to use vibrant accessories, so you don’t get lost in all of that blue jean you’re wearing!
  • Throw on a simple t-shirt, leggings, and your jacket, and then accessorize with a knit scarf or flashy necklace. A nice way to take the day off from dressing up, while still looking classy.
  • Layer your jacket over a sweater or hoodie—denim does not provide much warmth, so doing this will not only make you look cute when you head out to those football games, but you’ll also stay toasty warm.

My personal favorite is a multi-layered look. Wear a tank top, an unbuttoned flannel shirt and top it off with your denim jacket to give yourself dimension and create an eye-catching look.