Kanye West: Twitter Edition


Courtesy of thesupercarkids.com

Kanye West says a very characteristic quote.

Kanye West has been in the spotlight recently for his outspoken tweets, and I wanted to dive deeper to answer a question that’s been on my mind. Is this the real Kanye?

Many of the tweets show Mr. West has quite a large ego; he truly thinks of himself as the best artist in the world. I have been trying to figure out whether he truly is this character, whether this is just a character for the media, or whether his status as a celebrity has created this media persona that he has actually become.

I think that Kanye does have quite the abnormally large ego, but his tweets are just an exaggeration of that for publicity. From Mr. West’s side, this is a great business move as it has kept his name in the headlines endlessly. From gaining more downloads on his music streaming app, Tidal, to selling more of his clothing line, Kanye is feeling the effects of all this talk about him. Although I do think he may be delusional at times, I fully believe he is creatively and musically intelligent, and ridiculously entertaining.