What are girls actually carrying in their Lululemon bags?

It may come as a surprise to some, but girls around school are carrying more than just their lunches in their Lululemon bags, an accessory that has become somewhat of a staple throughout the halls of Central.

Many have tried not to cave in to bringing this fire red bag to school, but as they have all learned, it’s just more convenient.

Why have most resorted to bringing these bags? No one will ever know, but even the people who use them will crack a joke about their “basicness” every now and then.

And don’t try to say you’ve never used one before, because you definitely have at one point in your high school career. My family doesn’t even shop at Lululemon, so I don’t even know how we have a drawer full of these bags in my kitchen, but every morning they’re right there and ready to go.

However, these bags are well suited for more than just your lunch that your mom probably packed for you. Devil’s Advocate investigated to see what it was that girls actually were carrying in their infamous Lululemon bags.

Dirty gym clothes

IMG_1347Talia Sankari

These have most likely been taken out of a gym locker for the first time since August.

 A fresh pack of yellow hall passes

IMG_1346Talia Sankari

Ever wonder why you rarely see girls waiting in the Dean’s Office to clear up their attendance?


IMG_1345Talia Sankari

For flamboyancy.


IMG_1344Talia Sankari


The tears of boys

IMG_1343Talia Sankari

And she’s probably keeping them in a film roll canister, so you think she’s just carrying around supplies for Basic Photo, but you’re wrong.

Also, the severed body parts of their male classmates

IMG_1342Talia Sankari

Because where else would be unsuspecting enough?

If this article has taught you anything, it’s to be less unassuming of those Lululemon bags. You never know what could be hiding in there.