We need more pumpkins


Courtesy of Real Simple

Pumpkins are a monumental part of our culture and we need to make a bigger effort to show that.

Now that it is Fall, plenty of students can be seen roaming the hallways with a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. No matter how classic a ‘PSL’ is, more creativity is needed for pumpkins to be celebrated well.

In this world, there are not enough pumpkin assortments. Sure, we may have pumpkin butter and pumpkin spice lattes but we lack so many pumpkin items that could exist. We need pumpkin curd and pumpkin Frappucinos. The world needs more.

A few decades ago, cell phones didn’t exist, but today, nearly every human has a cell phone. This needs to happen with pumpkins. Pumpkins represent a culture, an entire season, and a quarter of each year, so why can’t they be a bigger part of this world?

Pumpkins can be integrated into every aspect of your lifestyle, including your outfits, your home, and especially your diet.

For your daily outfits, a green shirt with orange pants would achieve the look of a pumpkin. People will never think that you are an escaped prisoner, but rather a devoted pumpkin-enthusiast.

There are so many different home decorations that could channel your inner pumpkin. For example, pumpkin doormats are the best way to welcome guests if you want a subtle pumpkin approach. But, if you want the whole neighborhood to know about your devotion to the superior pumpkin culture, I recommend simply painting your house orange, your shutters black, your roof green, and your chimney tan. 

For your consideration, I have included a list of items that should be pumpkin-ified.

Pumpkin avocado toast. Combine two things as spectacular as avocados and pumpkins and Millennials will be spending all their savings on toast.

Pumpkin cheese. Cheese is a phenomenon by itself. However, add pumpkin and you will create something that is out of this world. Pumpkin grilled cheese, pumpkin mac-and-cheese, anything you can think of with cheese.

Pumpkin ramen. Imagine it. Pumpkin squash with noodles and a boiled egg. If we had pumpkin ramen, specialized companies and restaurants would open up just to serve the dish.

I urge you to make the change so that the future generations get to experience pumpkins in ways that we wished to experience.