Girls Gymnastics host senior night

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, Girls Gymnastics competed against Lyons Township in the field house. The team won with a score of 129.3-122.95.

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 5:45 p.m., the Girl’s Gymnastics Team held their senior night at home in the field house against rival Lyons Township. The Red Devil varsity team won the meet with a score of 129.3 to 122.95.

“It was a very short senior night because we only had two seniors,” said Kylie Torsberg, senior. “At the beginning of the meet, both teams line up and sit on the floor, the coaches then call up each senior individually and read a short bio about them which includes stuff like what clubs they are involved in and their favorite gymnastics memory. Also, we have gym families and each senior’s gym family makes them a poster for senior night.”

There are two seniors in total that are a part of the girl’s gymnastics team, Kylie Torsberg, and Dina Esposito.

“My favorite part of gymnastics is definitely cheering on my teammates and watching as they make a routine they worked very hard to perfect,” said Annette Sommers, freshman. “I also love the feeling I get when I hit a routine in competition because it is always nerve racking to compete.”

Marelena Halikias
On Wednesday, Dec. 5, girls gymnastics competed against Lyons Township in the field house. The team won with a score of 129.3-122.95.

The girl’s varsity gymnastics team is smaller than it’s been in years past. There are only two total gym families this year when in the past they had numbers ranging from five to seven in total.

“To honor our seniors, we made a poster for the senior in our gym family,” said Riley Matthews, freshman. “The senior in my family was Kylie Torsberg. So, after the pasta party on Tuesday night, my family all got together, printed pictures, brought supplies, and made a poster for her.”

The next girl’s gymnastics meet is away at York High School on Wednesday, Dec. 12  at 6:00 p.m.