The Red Devil Fight Song REMIXED

Ever wonder about the school fight song? It can be heard rattling the hallways before Homecoming, at each home game, and at times, right before a long break (is winter break here yet?).

“It sucks,” said Craig Smith, senior, with regards to the “old” fight song.

“It’s actually terrible,” said Emmett Ferguson, senior.

Last week, Advocate videographer Michael Dietrich created a questionable remix to our fight song and showed a few Devils.

What they were told is that this is our new fight song and it is to be played at all games, pep rallies, and events from here on out. What actually happened was a deceitful act by yours from Devils’ Advocate.

We received surprisingly favorable reviews. According to Mr. Lauw, a science teacher at Central, this new remix displays Central’s “many capabilities” for entertainment. Interesting.

“I’d brush my teeth to this song,” Ferguson commented after his first listen to the new track.

Watch the video above to see their reactions.

The full track can be heard on the SoundCloud link below: