“Don’t Worry Darling” takes to the theaters


Mikayla Mahler

On Friday, Sept. 23, the highly anticipated movie “Don’t Worry Darling” was released in local movie theaters.

On Friday, Sept. 23, the film “Don’t Worry Darling,” starring Harry Styles, Chris Pine and Florence Pugh was released in theaters.

The movie takes place in the 1950s, portraying a couple living in an idolized society in which women are housewives and men work top secret jobs. Alice and Jack, a couple in love, live in this false reality. Alice soon begins to question her life with Jack and asks forbidden questions. She soon starts to reveal the unturnable truths about her life. The movie is intended for teen and young adult viewers. It is a rated R thriller/horror film. 

The 2022 film is unlike any other movie I have ever seen. I was initially intrigued by how unusual their society is and was left with a lot of questions. As we move along the plot,we meet Alice, our main character, who revealed more about their horrid society. It was intriguing yet took you through a psychological thrill.

The movie had intriguing cinematography. (Mikayla Mahler)

“I liked the movie because Harry Styles was in it and it was interesting,” said Azra Ozgen, senior. “You would have no idea that the movie would end like that.” 

Another component of the movie was the cinematography, which was both unique and graphic. 

“My favorite part was by far the motion pictures. It was very well done,” said Urte Likataviciute, senior.

American cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, is credited with this film’s cinematography. He was able to incorporate horror into what is to be perceived as a light setting. He has also worked on similar projects including Pi (1998) and Black Swan (2010). 

Many have expressed mixed reviews on the film.

“I would give it a seven out of ten,” said Hannah Carlin, sophomore. “The fact that it was a simulation and the parallels in the fake versus real world was really interesting.” 

This two hour psychological thriller is available to watch at local movie theaters including AMC Oakbrook, LaGrange Theater and Cinemark Melrose Park. Times are posted online at specific websites. If you would like to see “Don’t Worry Darling,” click here for movie times.