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Is our society being engulfed by cancel culture or modern day boycotting?

Does cancel culture achieve what it intends?

On Saturday, March 20, almost-billionaire and influencer Kylie Jenner shared an Instagram story seeking prayers and donations from her 222 million followers to a GoFundMe to help pay the medical bills...

Fighting in Kashmir continues as many experts expect the crisis there to worsen in 2021.

Conflicts flare over status of Kashmir

In August 2019, India’s Hindu nationalist government abrogated Article 370 of the constitution, which had given exclusive citizenship rights to the residents of Kashmir. Kashmir, a Muslim-majority...

‘Re-Education' camps for Muslims in China have caused outcry from the international community.

The Uyghur genocide worsens in China

Since 2017, at least two million Uyghurs have been interned in more than 85 concentration camps within Xinjiang, China. The Chinese government has stripped away the religious and other freedoms of the...

A paramilitary policeman swings his baton at an elderly Sikh man, a photograph that has become the defining image of the ongoing farmers' protest in India.

History’s largest protest led by farmers erupts in India

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, thousands of Indian farmers flooded into Delhi, the nation’s capital, clashing with police and storming the capital’s historic Red Fort, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi...

Trump supporters storm the grounds of the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

Violent mob storms Capitol during certification of Biden’s win

Aminah Ahmed, Writer January 16, 2021

On Wednesday, Jan. 6, a violent mob of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. What some are calling Trump’s failed...

Protesters set Guatemala’s Congress on fire in Guatemala City on Saturday, Nov. 21. (Courtsey of Oliver De Ros/Associated Press & The New York Times)

Protesters in Guatemala ignite protests over spending cuts

On Saturday, Nov. 21, thousands of protestors took to the streets in Guatemala City setting fire to the nation’s congressional building in a display of outrage over a budget cut on health care and education. The...

Trump visits Arlington Cemetery on Veterans Day in 2020.

President Trump files lawsuits in response to election results

On Monday, Nov. 7,  former Vice President Joe Biden became the President-elect and President Donald Trump vowed to press onward with a series of legal battles, stirring allegations of voter fraud in acknowledgment...

Protesters take a knee to honor lives lost to police brutality during a protest against SARS in Lagos.
Courtesy of Slate

Nigerians Continue the #EndSARS Movement

"If you want to help keep your eye on the county."

On Sunday, Nov. 1, a small band of #EndSars protesters assembled at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and the Police Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, to revive protests against police brutality, weak...

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was certain New Zealand stopped the spread of the coronavirus but must be prepared if cases start to rise again.

New Zealand declares victory over COVID-19 once again

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, New Zealand lifted the last of its COVID-19 restrictions in Auckland after ten days with no new cases. The government promises to now allow open gatherings and trips on public transit...

An Azerbaijani woman sees her ruined house as locals return back to the town of Tartar amidst a ceasefire on Oct. 10.

Conflict escalates between Azerbaijan and Armenia

Deadly new fighting erupted on Sunday, Sept. 27 in the mountainous region of Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. More than 300 people, including civilians, have reportedly been killed...

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