Surviving the ever-changing weather

Its kind of pretty, right?

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It’s kind of pretty, right?

Remember that one time, like five days ago, when it was sunny, 70 degrees, and everyone was happy? You know the day. It was the one when you were wearing shorts and sitting in the courtyard during lunch. What a good day. See, it’s snowing now, but you will see beautiful days like that again soon. Maybe. When is summer?

Mother Nature is a boss. Literally. She don’t need no man to help her control that weather! She changes it however she pleases, especially in the midwest. If she wants it to snow in April, she’s going to make it snow in April. But then, if she wants that snow to melt away and have it be 70 degrees the next weekend, she’s going to do that too.

It’s kind of fun though. You can play games with it. Like, how many times am I going to wear a scarf and shorts in a span of five days? Who knows!? It could be a fashion choice too. The whole scarf with shorts and boots look is honestly a 2011 throwback, but I’m kind of digging it.

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This is not a meme; this is a fact. Just kidding, it’s a meme.

However, it can be hard to keep track of all of your winter and summer clothes, especially when you’re wearing them all at the same time. If you ever need any organizational help, I recommend getting a beautiful Pottery Barn dresser. In one drawer: gloves; in another: tank tops. That way, you never have to store away your seasonal clothes again, since you are just going to wear them all in the same day anyway.

But hey, snow in April is a good thing, right? I mean, within a year of Donald Trump being president, he has single-handedly fixed global warming.

*** “You’re all welcome. I fixed the Earth. If global warming was real, I fixed it. If you thought global warming was a hoax, it is,” said Donald Trump, U.S. president and global warming hero.

So, if you get anything from this article, it’s that Mother Nature is an independent woman who can do what she pleases, Donald Trump fixed global warming, and you should embrace the snow by getting a dresser to hold all of your seasonal clothes.

As for tomorrow’s weather, we can expect snow around breakfast, blazing heat around lunch, and a cool breeze around dinner. Good luck choosing your outfit!

*** This quote was fabricated for satirical purposes.