Jump in: Girls’ Swim & Dive gear up for state

With the reputation of previous seasons for hard-earned success, the Girls Swim and Dive Team is gearing up to take multiple state titles in the coming weeks. The willpower to continuously train day in and day out makes these ladies ready to be tough competitors.

It is no surprise the swimmers are poised to win, as the Girls Swim and Dive Team has won multiple state championships in the past years.

“The team hasn’t lost a conference meet yet,” said Sofija Buzelis, sophomore JV swimmer. She attributes the wins as a team to their long practices and rigorous training schedule as a team. “Wakes up for 5:45 in the morning practices, followed by after school dryland training [makes us a strong team].” 

It’s also no secret the swimmers have it tough when it comes to waking up early, but according to Assistant Coach Dan Otahal, it’s part of what makes them so good.

Rachel Fuechtman

“I don’t think there’s an athlete at Hinsdale Central that wakes up before school starts to train hard, so what these girls are doing is very impressive,” Coach Otahal said. 

The 2018-2019 season is unusual in that the team is very large, which can be difficult when assessing playing time and allowing each girl to compete in their individual events. 

“We try to create a dynamic that is focused on training hard, competing hard, and of course, having fun,” Coach Otahal said. “With a large scene, it can be tough, but I think we have a good group that works well.”

Furthermore, it seems as though the girls make sure to be inclusive no matter their ranking.

“The whole team is just one big family. We all get along together at pasta parties, pool parties, and beach houses. And instead of just being three separate teams it’s pretty much just one team,” Buzelis said.

This same camaraderie is evident for the divers as well. 

“I have honestly made some of my very best friends on this team,” said Katlyn Farra, sophomore diver on Varsity.

As the end of the season approaches and conference meets wrap up, the team has goals they want to accomplish. The most significant being that both the coaches and athletes want more people to qualify for state so that they can be competitive with their rivals, such as Lyons Township and Oak Park.

As individual swimmers, Buzelis said she wishes to drop more time on her main events in hopes of qualifying for state as well. While Farra said she is content with seeing how much she’s improved on her dives and the level of intensity as well.

The next meet is Saturday, Oct. 13 for the diving team at Evanston High School.