Sounds of the Summer

The summer gives us lots of time to explore new music and re-listen to old albums. Some tracks stick with you more than others do, and some tracks must be kept on repeat. This is what Mr. Korfist, Mr. Russo and I listened to the most this summer:

  • Haywyre-“Everchanging”
    Haywyre, an Australian DJ and piano master, has become one of my favorite artists this summer. The Song “Everchanging” is a melodic electronic track that is always stuck in my head.
  • Modest Mouse-“Lampshades on Fire”
    Modest Mouse, an alternative rock band, has been one of my favorite bands for years. They released an album on March 17, 2015 titled “Lampshades on Fire”, and this song, which the album was named after, puts a faster tempo spin on the sound that made me fall in love with Modest Mouse.
  • Pretty Lights-“Summer’s Gone”
    An electronic DJ that plays many genres throughout his music career, Pretty Lights has always had a diverse enough discography for any mood I’m in. This is the first song that sparked my interest In Pretty Lights, and has become a go-to song while driving.
  • Gramatik-“So Much For Love”
    Gramatik, my favorite artist, plays electro-soul influenced greatly by hip-hop. I have been listening to Gramatik all summer in anticipation for seeing him in concert on September 11. This funky song always puts me in a good mood.
  • The Weeknd-“Can’t Feel My Face”
    After seeing The Weeknd live at Lollapalooza 2015, I listened to much more of his music than I previously knew existed. This is the catchiest song ever, and was one of the funnest songs to see him preform live. This became a sort of summer anthem for me after Lollapalooza, constantly reminding me of the fun I had there.
  • Mr. Korfist, who enjoys a wide range of music from soulful blues to rock n’ roll, shared with me his four most listened to songs this summer.

    Mr. Russo plays guitar and sings one of his favorite songs “Home Grown Tomatoes” by Guy Clark.

    Mr. Russo, a musician himself, shows his love for folk and rock with his summer playlist.
    ” ‘Home Grown Tomatoes’ says the things about life that I agree with, and I love playing it on guitar” said Mr. Russo.