The 26th amendment sucks

Society sucks because you cant vote until you are 18

Society sucks because you can’t vote until you are 18

I was walking down the hall the other day when my senior friend was complaining to me how he had just missed the eligible age to vote by only days. So thanks to the 26th amendment of the United States Constitution, my friend can’t vote. Thanks Obama.

This is why today, I, Kunal Jobanputra, vowed to my friend that as long as I had hair on my legs, I’d make sure he’d get to vote in this election.

I started to think of possible solutions. What if we just lowered the age to 17? No, that would just make 16-year-olds wine. Down to 16? Same story with 15-year-olds.

Then I thought of the craziest idea of all: no age restriction. Extending voting rights to children has never made more sense. The American electorate is old and getting older. Extending the franchise to children would correct the political imbalance between the old and the young and help solve the problems that imbalance has created.

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. The average 10-year-old, fresh out of a grade school history class, probably knows about as much about the American political system as the average 20-year-old, especially those voting for Donald Trump because let’s be honest here, a million dollars isn’t a small loan.

As I met my friend the next day, I greeted him with my new idea. We’re now both ready to impeach Obama to fix the constitution that George Washington messed up. Go ‘Murica!