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Latin music has inspired P.E. classes like zumba and typically includes songs that promote salsa dancing, along with merengue and bachata. Contributor Bella Tamas not only is a part of the Central radio station where she plays musica Latina, but also encourages all to give listening a try.

Every Friday during passing periods at our school, all kind of music is played throughout the halls. From the hottest pop hits to the smooth jazz songs, there’s a something for everyone to enjoy. However, there is a certain genre of music that is never heard throughout the halls of Central—and that’s Latin music a.k.a Musica Latina.

Growing up, I listened to pop artists like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, but there was a whole other world of music that sang to my soul. Most people don’t expose themselves to different music because they like the sense of familiarity and stability that comes when they continuously listen to the same music. But don’t sell yourself short people; Latin music is the way to go. Here are my reasons why I urge everyone to listen to Latin music:

  1. Listening to music in Spanish can help improve your understanding of the language and help improve your accent. If you walked up to a native Spanish speaker and asked them, “don-day es-tah el ban-yo?” They would probably look at you like you’re crazy and then give you directions to the nearest exit. Spanish speakers don’t take you seriously if you speak without an accent. Making an effort to actually speak with an accent in Spanish can show that you’re making an effort to understand and appreciate a culture outside of your own.
  2. No matter what language, there is a universal understanding that music can be fun and bring people together. How does Latin music specifically bring people together? They come together as a community that shares an appreciation for music and diversity. And let’s be real, it just makes everyone want to dance.
  3. Whether you’re upset about a breakup, or when the stresses of life leave you needing a mental escape, Latin music can provide you with all that you need. Latin Music conveys a message and evokes feelings within you that can completely change your attitude. Whenever I listen to Chino Y Nacho’s Me Voy Enamorando or Mi Chica Ideal, my mood instantly improves. And whenever I feel like practicing for my Latin American Idol Audition, I can always belt out to Selena’s No Me Queda Mas.

I’ve broken it down into three spicy levels of Latin music so that there’s something for everyone to hear:

Tier 1

This playlist is perfect for those of you who are just starting to listen to Latin Music. It’s for the people who put pico de gallo in your burrito bowl at Chipotle.

Let’s Get Loud—Jennifer Lopez

Shake Your Bon-Bon—Ricky Martin

Forgiveness—Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias

Hips Don’t Lie—Shakira

I Need To Know—Marc Anthony

Promise—Romeo Santos and Usher

Tier 2

This playlist is the perfect middle ground between extreme Latin fanatics and people who are just starting to listen to Latin music. Everyone and anyone will enjoy this playlist. This is like a slightly spicy green salsa.

La Gozadera—Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona

Vivir Mi Vida—Marc Anthony

Chica Ideal & Me Voy Enamorando—Chino y Nacho

Danza Kuduro—Don Omar

Bailando—Enrique Iglesias

Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo—Carlos Vives and Michel Télo

Pura Vida—Don Omar

Tier 3

This playlist is like fiery hot red Latin salsa. Listen with caution.

Suavemente—Elvis Crespo

Vivir Lo Nuestro—Marc Anthony and India

Yo No Se Mañana—Luis Enrique

Bailando Por El Mundo—Juan Magan, El Cata, & Pitbull

Solo Por Un Beso—Aventura

Yo También—Romeo Santos and Marc Anthony

LLoraré Las Penas—David Bisbal

I hope that by writing this, my friends at Central will be motivated to enjoy the greatness that is Latin Music. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and let Latin music expand your horizon.

**If the Social Chairs ever see this and decide to play Latin Music in the hallways, please use music from Tier two, as it is the Tier that is best for people with all experiences and tastes for Latin music. Not to mention, it’s my personal favorite!