Holiday songs to lift your spirits


Thea Sankari

The holidays mean lights on the trees, hot chocolate, and, most importantly, holiday music.

After Thanksgiving comes the holiday season, or the “most wonderful time of the year.” Although these times are stressful for students due to the soon-approaching final exams, there are always holiday songs to lift spirits.

“I could be studying for hours and be stressed to the max, but holiday music makes it tolerable,” said Kayla Byrne, junior.

With artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Ariana Grande, we’ve compiled a playlist that includes holiday music that are both classics and new jams.

“The music reminds me of happy times and spending time with my friends during the winter season,” said Rama Hamad, senior.

The familiarity of the different lyrics and beats can be a helpful distraction or study tool as the end of first semester approaches.

“I love holiday music. It means that Christmas is close and we are almost out of school,” said Alec Schmidt, freshman.

Whether you’re feeling stressed or content, it never hurts to put on some holiday music that can help calm you right down and bring cheer into your life.