Relaxing rock songs


Michaela Malec

With finals less than a week away, students need to find ways to relax and not worry about their exams.

We’ve compiled a relaxing playlist that’s perfect for chilling during winter break or using while studying for finals. The playlist consists mostly of rock songs, with artists ranging from Tom Petty to Kid Cudi.

“Music usually helps me get pumped up before practice, or it can help me focus when I’m trying to study for a big test or work on a project,” said Emmett Wilson, junior.

Michaela Malec
Whether students decide to take a nap, chill and listen to music, or cozy up by the fire, it is important they make time to destress before finals.

Use this playlist to help clear your head and relax wherever you are.

“I love listening to music with my friends while driving around,” said Kristin Moser, junior. “It definitely helps with stress too.”

Whether you need to calm down or you’re already chilling, listening to some relaxing tunes can’t hurt.