Lots of Love from Devils’ Advocate


Marelena Halikias

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, this playlist has songs that anyone can rock out to.

As third quarter sets in, stress begins to increase for many students, and the rigidness of Chicago’s winter is no help. However, Valentine’s Day is always there to warm the heart — especially through music.

Even if you don’t have that special someone to spend the day with, there are plenty of love songs to get them in the mood for all of the festivities.

“I love happy love songs,” said Mia Gaddis, sophomore. “They make me super excited and make Valentine’s Day a lot of fun.”

Marelena Halikias
Jam packed with love songs, this playlist will help you get into the Valentine’s Day mood.

With artists ranging from The Beatles to the cast of Frozen, this playlist includes music that many students can jam along to.

“I really like the unique songs about love because pop ones can get old sometimes,” said Lana Elzein, freshman.

The familiarity of the different lyrics and beats can be a helpful distraction or study tool as the end of third quarter approaches.

“Although I am not super into songs about love, I love a good Valentine’s Day playlist,” said Alec Schmidt, freshman.

Whether you’re feeling stressed or content, it never hurts to put on some happy, lovely music that can help calm you right down and bring love and cheer into your life.